Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This blog post is overdue as the 2009 farmers market season is well underway.  Tomorrow will be the 3rd Wednesday market at the Bottling Works in Romney.   The growing season has started out slow as its been very cool.  It was only 40 degrees the other night!  Our high tunnel will save the early season as we have green tomatoes on plants in the high tunnel.   Still have lots of spinach and salad mix.  The spring moisture has our fields full of clover and the bees are doing the job.  There is also a ton of blackberry blossom this year.  A lot of communication is also now on our Facebook Page.  Become a fan, just search "Church View Farm" on Facebook or click Here.   You can set your permissions to be as public or private as you like.  Periods of economic turmoil lead to new opportunities and many new companies are started in these difficult periods.  People must retrain to do other work.  We've learned (or relearned) that bigger is not necessarily better, ie GM, Citigroup, AIG, etc.  Better quality and service is more highly valued.   The barriers are falling. If you remember the Japanese car import craze, that was a hint of what's coming.  You may someday have an Indian vehicle (Mahindra farm tractors are from India and are already very popular) and you may use a bank in Switzerland or Singapore.  The world is moving past search engines to "decision engines"  and "knowledge engines" See Bing at www.bing.com or Wolfram/Alpha at www.wolframalpha.com.  This is a real opportunity for smaller producers and companies.  The homestead farms of the past are not the same as the web enabled sustainable farms like ours that are now evolving.  Lastly, please note the Revolution Money button in the right margin.  For those that prefer an instant payment solution instead of carrying cash, you might give that a try.  Its just like PayPal but there is no cost to use the system.  See www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com or www.revolutionmoney.com for details. I'm all for making things as convenient as possible.  Especially for something like a CSA box, all the payment details can be done in advance with no time wasted making change or handling paper money.  Then its just a matter of handing you your box or order.