Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sylvester Junior

We just got a new barn cat and we've named him after a cat we used to have, Sylvester. There must be millions of black and white cats named Sylvester, nothing very original there. The first Sylvester died at age 18 after moving the the farm. So the new one is Sylvester Junior. The black and white coloring is reminiscent of the original Sylvester. Ruth took this photo of one of the sheep getting acquainted with Sylvester Junior.


bluemountainmama said...

very cute kitty! 18 years.... that's a long life for a barn kitty! glad to 'meet' you and know you are nearby....

The Paulsen People said...

Sylvester had a kitten??? He was a boy. :) Just kidding ~ I'm sure he is looking down from heaven and happy to see that there is a Sylvester Junior now. LOVE YOU!!!


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