Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 Katahdin Lambs

The lambs are keeping us entertained! They are so comical - lambs hop and spin around when they play. Five new babies so far... three Ewes still haven't lambed yet but should any day now.

To date we have three Ram lambs and two Ewe lambs. These little ones would be real good for a new starter flock for someone interested in a small farm sheep operation. The Katahdin breed is easy to maintain as they do not require sheering or tail docking, are parasite resistant, are very maternal/easy lambing, and have a very calm disposition.

The meat of a Katahdin sheep is mild in taste and lower in cholesterol than some other lamb meat due to fewer glands that produce lanolin. Being a hair sheep breed, the Katahdin grows only a small amount of wool fiber, mostly for warmth in the winter time. This results in a milder less oily meat product.

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