Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I See Miles and Miles of ........ Mulch Film

Well our spring planting is finally progressing, just about on schedule. From the photo, you see that our new mulch film layer has been put in service. This is a photo degradable mulch film for weed control. The film will degrade and decompose from sunlight as the season progresses so there is no issue with disposal. Using this method of weed control, we don't have to use any herbicides around the plants. We also do not use any fungicides to extend shelf life. We just don't want these toxic chemicals in your (and our) food. This is the first year we've used our plastic layer that we purchased last winter and it works very well. So we should get higher yields since the plants won't have to compete with the weeds for moisture. Its been a cool wet spring so far which delayed things a bit but hopefully we'll catch up in the next few days.

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