Friday, June 20, 2008

Update - June 21, 2008 Market

We had out first honey harvest of 2008. The honey as exceptional, very light in color, almost clear. Every bit as nice as tupelo honey. We provided small honey bears to the Farm Credit organization which they used for a Capital Hill presentation on Wednesday. We were told they were a big hit at the meeting. We had chicken processed this week. If you had an existing order, we can bring them to the farmers market for you if you are going there. Otherwise, we'll make other arrangements. We have green tomatoes on the vines and all of the tomatoes are in blossom so they will be at the market in short order. Lots of articles on the web about the current tomato scare. Looks like they are mostly from Mexico. The water is contaminated there, so its no real surprise. All of these stories verify what we have been saying for a decade. You must know the source of everything you consume, and how it was produced. These stories will come up in the media over and over again. Hope to see you at the farmers market. I've recently been reading some books by Jon Katz. See his web site at His border collie Rose looks just like our Zoey.

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