Friday, August 08, 2008

Update 08-08-08

Hi everyone, No blog post last week, and here it is Friday already this week. Last night it was in the mid 50's so autumn is not far off. I attended the "Value Added Fair at Fairmont State University this past Tuesday. Fairmont is right in the middle of what WV calls the I-79 Technology Corridor. This meeting was all about farms connecting with resources to make products from their farm. I actually gave a short talk about what we do on our farm. What was most interesting was that the culinary staff at Pierpont Community College, which is located at Fairmont, prepared the lunch which was served in their new cafeteria with local products and products from the farms of the attendees. We provided pasture chicken, heirloom tomatoes, green peppers, and blackberries. The chicken was the main course and they also made a blackberry topped cheesecake. So besides the main course we had products on the salad bar and the desert bar. College sure has changed. The student center is like a self contained resort. There are gyms, media rooms, swimming pool, cafeterias, lounges. It was exciting to see the entire group enjoying these products. Pierpont hopes to start a student run bistro in town similar to the Culinaire Cafe in Cumberland, MD. As far as the Romney market, the banner has gotten a lot of exposure this week and was even featured in the newspaper. there are more banners and signs in the works. We expect a big market tomorrow and we'll have the usual peak season products such as tomatoes, peppers, berries and honey. Hope to see you there.

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