Monday, March 23, 2009

Are Farms the Suburban Future?

I've been finding some very interesting reading at a great blog called New Geography.   The suburbs that we used to know are pretty much over with. Too car dependent. People want something better and more sustainable.  Very interesting article here about nice homes situated close to working farms.  Which is quite hopeful as in the past farms were often lost to make way for more housing.  With this new approach, both are better off.   I thought the quote "Agriculture ... is the new golf" was quite interesting.  The only thing I would have added is that there are plenty of appealing small towns already located close to farms and orchards.  Not really necessary to build new.   McMansions no longer work, in the same way that industrial agriculture no longer works.  What is happening is that we are going back in time, to small towns and homestead farms, but applying new knowledge to it to make it not only sustainable but even better than before.  

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Anonymous said...

Yes!! Going back in time with the knowledge we now have has been my motto! If only ever citizen and lawmaker had the ability to see the future the way we do. The landscape would be green and we could still be using technology but for far better purposes!

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