Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Useful Travel Guide

The folks at Sustainable Table that manage the Eat Well Guide have developed a really useful tool.  Its at  Its another of the very useful tools that utilize Google Maps and integrate links to useful information right from the map itself.  Basically you put in your travel plan, that is your departure point and your destination. Then you'll get a guide to all the markets, restaurants, farms, etc that are on your route that you may want to visit.  You can create a printable document to take with you if you wish.  A very handy tool.  We like to visit farms and markets when we are on the road also.   Even just plotting a short trip to Virginia, I discovered many places that I wasn't aware of.  Check out the tool, very useful and nicely done.  

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Hey Church View Farm,

Thanks so much for mentioning the Eat Well Guide on your blog, we're thrilled to have farmers such as yourselves finding it useful! When you have a chance, check back into the website as we're making improvements, and let us know what you think. As always, if there are resources that you find in your travels off the farm, that we don't have in the Guide, please do let us know!

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